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Proud to be a Ukrainian business

Hi, we’re Brebeneskul.

We’re a Ukrainian-American Business Consultancy and B2B Lead Generation company. Our strong track record of servicing technology, finance, and venture-backed startups means we’re the ideal partner to help launch your next outbound campaign.

A sales partner that works in your space

Picky eaters may get a bad rep, but at Brebeneskul being selective has it’s benefits. We only service IT, Finance and FinTech companies, which means that our team is most likely already familiar with the business environment you operate in.

From Master Data Management to Venture Capital, our team is rarely stumped - which results in shorter SDR onboarding times and more effective prospect vetting when it’s time to set up a sales call.

Get 20 top-quality leads

Our B2B leads are hand-curated and individually validated - to test them yourself, request a sample today

is a numbers game.

We’ll grow your sales funnel with curated prospecting, multi-channel outreach, and access to over 200 million B2B leads across our databases.

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Data Cleansing, Data Enrichment and Outreach to VC firms


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Family Offices & Sovereign Wealth Funds Outreach in Europe and North America


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Outsourced Sales Support for a Leading B2B LeadGen Agency


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Our team

Alya Mazurkevych

Head of Client Success

The moment I realized my favorite game is to let my friends name a country and tell them what time it is there, I understood that I had become the ultimate SDR.

Vlad Rozhdestvenskyy

Head of Research

Can drive a tractor. Can sail a boat. Can operate all forms of heavy machinery.

Olga Litoshenko

HR & Finance

I don’t really work here.

Rostyslav Morozov

Research Specialist

Little known fact: I eat over 120 eggs per month.

Dasha Nazarovska

Research Specialist

On average, I can find a person’s email, phone number and LinkedIn page in 24 seconds.

Veronika Pietukhova

Head of Sales

Superpower: can perform a Tarot reading to expand your ICP.


Executive, Global Venture Company

Call Center Services for Global Venture Company,

“They do a phenomenal job; they’re humble, hardworking, and very open.”

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Partner of Strategic Initiatives, OurCrowd

Research & Outreach for Venture Investment Firm,

“They consistently deliver on their promises and do a good job of addressing and resolving issues with agility”

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