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Over the years, we’ve helped dozens of our clients grow their sales figures using a variety of tactics – from guerilla marketing to growth hacking, from rewriting email copy to injecting AI into sales workflow. Each client faces a unique set of challenges, opportunities and constraints, which can be assessed to create a bespoke growth solution.

As a company, you have sold one product, your own. As a leading B2B growth agency, Brebeneskul has serviced hundreds of B2B companies. We’ve most likely done pre-sales for other players active in your space. We’ve received tens of thousands of prospect replies, and have overcome thousands of buyer objections. We have our finger on the ‘pulse’ of the market – and that is invaluable.

The ability to identify buying trends, market sentiment and market appetite is unique to a company in our field, and is at the core of our Growth Consulting value proposition. Call it a bird’s eye view of your target market.

Our approach

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    We help growing, pre-IPO Tech and Finance companies to positively impact customer acquisition and conversion at every stage of the funnel

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    The consulting process begins with an assessment of corporate growth objectives and staff interviews across relevant business units

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    Our consultants will highlight areas for growth, identify bottlenecks in the conversion funnel, and recommend evidence-based growth "experiments": pilots of various solutions, limited to a 2-3 month runtime. Experiments may include changes to marketing posture & ad spend, revisions to sales workflow, and revisiting customer journey/UX

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