Strategic Recruiting

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The approach we take when sourcing candidates for our clients is direct, hands-on involvement at every stage of the process. Our hiring experts have a wealth of experience and understand the finer aspects of dozens of IT, Fintech and Finance roles.

In addition to delivering new candidates on a weekly and daily basis, we conduct candidate screening tests and filter out applicants who may be qualified, but won’t be a good fit for you in the long run. By asking the right questions, we can ensure that only vetted, motivated candidate CVs end up on your desk.

Our process

Ideal Applicant Profile

Our hiring specialist reviews the role requirements for the positions you are hiring for and cross-references them with positions we have filled in the past . We then create an Ideal Applicant Profile and expand it by generating lookalike lists for each candidate persona

Copy creation

Friendly, compelling messaging is created for LinkedIn and Email candidate engagement and sent to your HR team for sign-off - nothing is sent without your approval

Preliminary screening

Working with your HR and hiring managers, we develop a custom screening script or question list to applicants, ensuring the hiring requirements are met and that low/no-fit candidates are filtered out early in the process

Interview scheduling

Interviews are scheduled only with relevant, post due-diligence candidates and can be booked directly in your hiring manager's online calendar, or face-to-face

Call reminders & rescheduling

Once an interview is booked, we will send reminders to your candidate ahead of the call, or reschedule it if need be

Our Approach

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    We go the extra mile to fully understand your company's DNA and corporate culture, so that the candidates we source are always a great fit

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    When hiring for a role, we thoroughly research the particular skillsets and requirements before presenting you with suitable candidates

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    All candidates go through a preliminary screening prior to an interview being scheduled, covering salary expectations, notice period with current employer, willingness to relocate and long-term career goals.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Apart from direct outreach via LinkedIn and email, does Brebeneskul use any other channels to source candidates?

    In some cases, we will survey the available online job boards in the counrty or region you are hiring in, and compile a list of costs to promote your position online. Once you approve the budget, the job description is edited to match the appropriate format, and posted on websites such as,, or on dedicated job boards for a specific sector (for instance, sites that specialize in IT, financial service, or software engineering positions). The running costs for posting on job boards vary, depending on the size and popularity of the website. Advertising costs are ‘glomed’ on a monthly basis and invoiced separately, while we handle the initial steps of reaching out to candidates and pre-qualifying them according to your hiring criteria.

    Does Brebeneskul provide background checks on candidates before handing them over?

    No, we don’t. If background checks are a part of your onboarding policy, they should be handled by your HR department.

    Do you reach out to references provided by candidates?

    Like with background checks, following up with references is not something we usually handle, and are best left to your hiring manager/HR department.

    How long does the hiring process take from the initial contact of a candidate through to hire?

    Our screening and candidate qualification process typically lasts up to 2 weeks, after which the candidate is handed off to your hiring manager who conducts the first interview. The handoff period can also be shorter, depending on your timeline and qualification criteria.