Engage your prospective buyers with compelling, multi-channel communication

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Multichannel outreach with
industry-leading deliverability

Our 3 main channels for engaging with prospect lists are Email, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp. We also leverage the latest in email deliverability tools to ensure that emails reach their intended recipients – not land in their spam folders.

Brebeneskul campaigns often boast deliverability rates of over 96%, some of the highest scores in the industry. That’s because we assign an email deliverability expert to every client campaign, whose job is making sure everything runs smoothly.

LinkedIn outreach is an integral component of every Brebeneskul campaign. As the world’s largest and oldest professional social network, it’s an ideal platform for connecting with new business. LinkedIn automation tools allow us to reach out to hundreds of prospects each day with a personal and compelling connection message which 'breaks the ice' and gets the sales conversation rolling.

Our strong track record speaks for itself – Brebenskul campaigns have a 40-50% acceptance rate with new prospects, which in turn amplifies the number of appointments we are able to generate for you.

Our process

Copy creation

Email templates are created working with your sales team and applying Brebeneskul's best practices for B2B engagement

Email launch

Wide scale, multi-step email campaign to database prospects

LinkedIn launch

Email group is further engaged using direct person-to-person messaging on LinkedIn

Appointment scheduling

Our team books appointments for your salesperson/s using Calendly or a similar service

Reminders and rescheduling

Once an appointment is booked, we will send reminders to your prospect ahead of the call, as well as rebook it should they fail to show up


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    Prospect engagement using Email, LinkedIn and (optionally) WhatsApp

  • 2

    Daily monitoring of inboxes, nurturing warm conversations and managing unsubscribe/DNC lists

  • 3

    Appointment scheduling with prospects who express genuine interest in your product or service

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does it take to set up an email outreach campaign?

    Setup work starts from the moment we hold our campaign kickoff call, and can last for up to 2 weeks.

    Are emails sent from the Brebenskul domain? From the prospect’s perspective, who is contacting them, Brebeneskul or my company?

    No, they are sent from your company domain or subdomain. In order to be consistent with your branding and messaging, we recommend setting up 2 or more mailboxes for our SDRs, from which email campaigns will be launched. This is a simple process which only takes a few minutes. For example, if we assign our SDR, Nika, to service your campaign, we will request that you setup the subdomain ’mail.yourcompany.com’. Emails will then be sent from ’[email protected]’. In Nika’s email signature, she will use her real name, a relevant job title (e.g. ‘Business Development Associate’), and your company name, business address and corporate logo. For consistency, Nika will also update her LinkedIn profile to reflect her position at your company. This is important to ensure that your prospects perceive the engagement as coming directly from your business, rather than from a third party.

    How do you handle opt outs/unsubscribes?

    At the bottom of every email we send, an unsubscribe link is available. Clicking on the link ensures that the recipient will no longer receive emails from us, and their contact information will be deleted from our databse.

    How many emails do you send a prospect before it is considered ‘exhausted’?

    A typical outreach cadence will include 3 to 4 emails which, combined with 2 to 3 LinkedIn messages, account for an average of 6 to 7 touchpoints per prospect. That said, once a prospect replies positively to the outreach, the number of emails exchanged can become much higher as our team addresses sales-related questions and coordinates a time for an intro call.