Information Technology

From blue-chip tech giants to early-stage startups, we’ve serviced companies that are the fabric of today’s technology landscape.

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IT Prospecting

For IT companies, growth and market share are imperatives. But if your sales partner can't tell their ISPs from their TCP/IPs, prospects won't bite.

As a partner with a deep understanding of technology, Brebeneskul acts as a natural extension of your sales team, speaking the language of your prospects and generating rapport and trust from the very first contact.

Service sectors

To find out more about our experience generating leads in your sector, speak to a Brebeneskul representative today!

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Here's a partial list of tech sectors and IT environments we have experience working with:

  • Master Data/MGM

  • Managed Services

  • Strategy, Planning and Architecture

  • Data Center and Cloud

  • AI/ML

  • IT Asset Management

  • Cybersecurity


  • Data Virtualization

  • SAP

  • ServiceNow

  • SAS

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    Executive, Global Venture Company

    Call Center Services for Global Venture Company,

    “They do a phenomenal job; they’re humble, hardworking, and very open.”

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    Partner of Strategic Initiatives, OurCrowd

    Research & Outreach for Venture Investment Firm,

    “They consistently deliver on their promises and do a good job of addressing and resolving issues with agility”

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    I received a list of 20 sample leads from you guys. Are they all ready for a sales call?

    Brebeneskul provides a sample list of 20 prospects for your evaluation, prior to the launch of your campaign. These leads are what we call 'top-of-the-funnel leads' - which means they have not yet been contacted, and are therefore not ready for a sales call. The sample leads serve as an indicator as to whether our research team has correctly understood your ICP and is targeting the right companies and titles. Once you approve the targeting for the sample list, our team can process with compiling the main outreach database consisting of thousands of leads.

    Can I contact the sample leads myself?

    One of the best ways to get leads is to employ the assistance of a lead generation company that will do all the research and sourcing for you. Your best option is to find a company that can go beyond simply compiling prospect leads, and provide you with lead validation, outreach, and prospect nurturing. Another option is to do everything yourself. You can try going out and socializing in business settings. Lots of your prospects attend events, conferences, and exhibits that are relevant to their vertical. But remember that it’s certainly more time-consuming for you.

    How are research leads handed off?

    Once your campaign is live, our research team will start compiling lists of prospects and contacting them on your behalf. Leads that respond positively are engaged with, with the goal of setting up an appointment for your sales team. New appointments are posted to your calendar and updated on a shared tracking spreadsheet. 'Top-of-funnel' leads (the full list of leads, including those prospects who did not respond to outreach, can also be shared with your team, upon request.

    I have a list of prospect companies/names with no contact details, can you help enrich the list with emails and phone numbers?

    Yes. Our research team can either build prospect lists from scratch, based on your ICP, or enrich an existing list with any missing data points such as title, email, LinkedIn URL, phone number etc.