Outsourced Sales Support for a Leading B2B LeadGen Agency


Leads Generated


Open rate


Number of appointments

The challenge

Our client, a prominent B2B Sales and Lead Generation agency, was facing a sharp increase in market demand for their services, and had entered a ‘hypergrowth’ phase. During this period, their headcount had quadrupled, and the number of accounts serviced increased by 8x. As a result, the client’s Sales, SDR and Account Management teams were overburdened with various admin-heavy tasks, such as database scraping, manual research, launching of email campaigns and preparing sample ICP lists for prospective clients.

The team’s available bandwidth for handling core responsibilities was being gradually eroded, and day-to-day tasks such as list validation and email outreach had started to ‘fall between the cracks’.

In an effort to support their sales and account management departments, and liberate bandwidth, 3 Brebeneskul team members were hired to augment the team and alleviate administrative and backoffice workload.

Our approach

Over the course of the engagement, over 50 individual accounts were serviced, each representing a B2B Tech company that had contracted our client’s services. This meant that warm leads were generated by our team for a broad range of B2B Tech companies, including companies working in the following sectors:

- IT Service Providers and MSPs
- Ad-Tech and Digital Marketplaces
- IoT and Telecoms
- Data Analytics, Master Data and Data Governance
- Data Visualization, Data Virtualization
- Enterprise Software and SaaS

For this project, Brebeneskul implemented a ‘Team Augmentation’ framework, where each of our 3 reps ‘inherited’ a portfolio of accounts from the client’s sales team. The work mainly consisted of backoffice and operations tasks which salespeople were not getting around to due to increased workloads. Email campaigns were only partly managed by our team, in the sense that we would launch email campaigns after researching the ICP and generating leads for it, but the emails were sent from the salesperson’s client, and we did not handle any replies.

Process Overview

  • 1
    Account is assigned to Brebeneskul by the client’s SDR team
  • 2
    We research the ICP provided by the client
  • 3
    Databases are scraped for ICP matches
  • 4
    Leads are generated and contact information is validated
  • 5
    Email and LinkedIn campaigns are launched
  • 6
    Appointments scheduled with qualified leads

Tools and databases

  • Databases (Everstring, Apollo, ZoomInfo, Leadiro (DemandScience), Slintel)

  • CRMs (Close, Apollo)

  • Email Automation Software (Woodpecker, SmartReach)

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator)


Over 50 accounts serviced for B2B Tech Companies

18,000+ manual leads generated

500,000+ database leads generated

40+ SQLs and 175+ MQLs generated

Open rate – 32-35%

90+ appointments scheduled with qualified leads


  • Even if your team has an established capability for launching email and LinkedIn LeadGen campaigns, leveraging an external team can still help scale and boost your deliverables. In this case, our client allowed us to perform the ‘heavy lifting’ – sending out mass email campaigns to thousands of leads, and launching automated LinkedIn outreach cadences on their behalf.
  • The campaigns were launched directly from the email inboxes and LinkedIn profiles of our client’s SDR team members, allowing them to exponentially increase the number of potential clients contacted, without breaking tone or adding unnecessary steps to the client acquisition funnel. By doing so, a simple handoff workflow was maintained (client SDR → salesperson), and the addition of a third step to the process (Brebeneskul SDR → client SDR → salesperson) was avoided.
  • Experience tells us that the more ‘hands’ a prospective client goes through in the sales process, the less effective the process is. A simplified client journey will always yield superior results and lead to higher acquisition rates.